The Faucet Handle is Hard to Turn – Repairing a Single Handle Faucet

Modern homeowners possess a huge number of choices in regards to choosing a shower faucet for the bathroom. The faucet which you select can make a place that is more appealing, your personal safety, Long Bathroom Sink With Two Faucets in your home and can increase the functionality of the bathroom also.

It is possible to install your own personal shower faucet without calling in a costly plumber to perform the job for you personally. Oftentimes altering the faucet is all that’s required to resolve the problem of a leaky shower, though you might have grown tired of your faucet and are searching for an alteration. Either way, performing the simple replacement can save you a hundred dollars or even more over the cost of a plumber.

Picking Your Faucet

It’s often the most effective idea to go using a faucet that is similar in style to your existing faucet when picking your faucet. This allows you to readily match the faucet up using the present pipes lines in the shower. Remember that should you like to go with an entirely different size or kind of faucet, you may need to run extra lines or move existing lines to adapt the faucet.

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You will require to switch off the water to the shower before you remove the old, present faucet to replace it using a brand new shower faucet. Turning a valve off to the shower typically does this, while you are working, or you can switch off the water to the whole house.

Out together with the Old

Removing the old faucet is easy and generally involves using a pipe wrench. There is normally an access panel that is found in the shower that’ll enable you to take out the fixture from within the wall. If your existing faucet is very old, you may want to test for corrosion of the pipe work while you have this panel open resulting in the faucet; now is the best time to replace any conduits. Disconnect the faucet from the conduits that feed the water.

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In with all the New

Line the faucet holes up to the plumbing lines together with the holes, and attach the faucet using nuts and the bolts that can come with the faucet in its packaging. Practice the instructions included with your new shower faucet. Enjoy your handiwork along with the economies! Our Facebook Page.


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